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About Betsy

Betsy is one of six children who was born in Tallahassee, Florida. Her strong family background and the vivacious personalities of her five siblings resulted in Betsy's incredible, outgoing personality. This gift serves her well in her role as a portrait photographer. Betsy has mastered the knowledge of her craft with the innate ability to make her subjects feel relaxed and loved.

Betsy tributes her art and professional success to elective courses she took while attending Tallahassee Community College. Those who know her best attribute her success to the support she gets from her incredibly patient husband, Mack.

Betsy is a life-long resident of Jefferson County and spends her free time riding bicycles.

The passion that Betsy brings to every day of her life is unparalleled except perhaps by some of the people she meets. If there is a fundamental message from her work, it might be to live long and live well.